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Coming October 2022

Designed for you, by you.

Add a little fancy to your kitchen with a fridge that’s uniquely you.
With Samsung's Bespoke Refrigerator range you can choose your preferred style, colour and finish to get the perfect recipe for a stylish kitchen.

Flexible Combinations

Need more storage space? You got it. Bespoke Refrigerators come in classic single door fridge, freezer and even four-door formats for the ultimate versatility in your kitchen. Simply integrate two or more of our models and create the fridge / freezer of your dreams.

Customisable colour and finish

A fridge that is stylishly unique
Bring your personal style to the kitchen and beyond. Available in 7 colours and 2 types of finishes, make the kitchen space your blank canvas.


Function with Form


Stocked with Samsung's top Features

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our most innovative cooling technologies available across the Bespoke Refrigerator range for all your beverage and food storage needs.
There’s something for everyone.


Beverage Centre with
Auto-fill Jug*

Samsung has moved the water dispenser inside for a seamless, flat door design outside with an Autofill Jug that automatically fills up water so you’re never thirsty again.
*Automatic refill is subject to the unit being plumbed.

Triple Cooling + Metal Cooling


Keep food fresh for long and preserve its flavour and taste. Triple Cooling independently controls the temperature and humidity in 3 compartments and prevents odours from mixing. The Metal Cooling plate helps keep the air cooler for longer.

Flexible Storage


Store and organise your food efficiently with a convertible freezer. With just one touch, the temperature in the freezer can be turned into a fridge for extra storage space and switched back to a freezer when you need it. Perfect for entertaining!

See the range - Available from October 2022

Modular French Door

Modular Bottom Mount

Modular Single Door

Fridge or Freezer

Free Standing French Door with Beverage Centre



Bring inspiration home with some more Bespoke refrigerator images below


Can I get any colour in any finish?
Currently there are 7 colours available in the Bespoke Refrigerator range – 2 colours in Cotta Metal finish and 5 colours in Glass finish.

Can I mix and match colours and finishes together?
Yes, you are free to mix and match colours and finishes as you please.

Can I mix and match modular with Free Standing fridges?
Samsung's modular fridges are designed to be compatible only with other modular fridges in the range.
There are no limitations on the number of modular fridges you wish to combine. The Free Standing Bespoke French Door fridge, however, cannot be paired with a Modular Bespoke Refrigerator.

Can I get a colour sample of the panel prior to purchase?
Colour samples will be on display in select Winnings stores from late October 2022 onwards for customers to view and interact with before making their purchase. You can also simulate your preferred design and colour selections online using the Bespoke Online Configurator tool (coming soon).

How do I fit the coloured panels on my Bespoke Refrigerator?
Your fridge panels will be installed and delivered with your refrigerator by Winning Services according to your selected colours and finishes at the time of purchase. The cost of this is included in your original purchase price. It is possible to change the panel colours yourself, however, we recommend engaging a technician for this.

Can I change the colour panels myself?
Yes you can. Colour panels will be available to purchase through Winnings. Self-installation is possible with detailed instructions available here, however we recommend engaging a technician to assist. Samsung and Winnings do not take any responsibility for damages or product faults resulting directly or indirectly from self-installation. Instead, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Panel Change Service for a service fee in addition to the individual panel price. The service fee for the Panel Change Service is $150 if purchased from Samsung. This service fee covers multiple panel installations provided they are completed in the one visit to your home.

What is the cost of delivery & installation?
Delivery plus Installation of coloured panels are included in the set price of your Bespoke Refrigerator at the time of purchase if the refrigerator and panels are purchased in the same transaction. This does not include Door Reversal services (if needed), the cost of which may be charged additionally by Winnings. More details on door reversal below.

Can I choose to reverse the door of my fridge for free on delivery?
Door reversal is available on the Single Door Fridge / Freezer and Bottom Mount Fridges only and is completed prior to delivery. The cost of this service is an additional $150 per fridge if serviced by Samsung and needs to be pre-purchased before installation is booked in. In the case of a Bottom Mount Fridge with 2 doors, this is still considered as one fridge and charged at $150 accordingly. If this service is purchased from a Winnings, service costs may vary. We recommend you speak directly to Winnings regarding this service. Unfortunately, you cannot decide on the day of installation to reverse the door. A separate service booking will be required to book the technician for another time.

How are modular fridges connected together?
Each modular fridge will be connected via a Pairing Kit that the installer will bring along at the time of delivery. Cost of a Pairing Kit is an additional $99 RRP and is automatically added to the order list when you choose 2 or more fridges at the time of purchase. 

How long will delivery of my order take?
We are currently only taking Registration of Interest for Bespoke Refrigerators. Once the product is available for purchase, estimated minimum delivery period is 10 to 15 business days for orders placed in Metro Areas. Currently the Samsung Retail Store are not accepting non-Metro orders. However, Winnings may offer non-metro delivery which may take slightly longer that the minimum delivery period for Metro areas. Please check with Winnings directly for details at the time of purchase.

Who can I contact for any customer queries on Bespoke Refrigerators?
For any product or delivery related questions for the Samsung Online store, please call our Samsung Customer Service Team at the following details:

Chat Support / Service Email
Phone Enquiries - 1300 362 603
8am – 8pm/ 7 days a week

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