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Experience The Galley with Winning Appliances

The Galley represents a whole new category of kitchen appliance—a complete culinary system where one can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and clean all in one central and convenient place. Work smarter, not harder, by configuring the Galley Workstation’s dual-tier system to suit your needs. Whether it’s a cocktail party with close friends or Sunday lunch with the family, preparation is more participatory with The Galley.

Handcrafted in the USA, the Galley Workstation seeks to plug the gaps that hinder peak performance in the kitchen. Food preparation often entails a lot of stopping and starting, but the Galley Workstation fosters a seamless flow between each stage of your meal, from laying out your ingredients to cleaning up the evidence that there was ever a meal at all.

Every Workstation is fabricated from a single piece of 316L 16-gauge stainless steel and, with the choice of four Culinary Kit finishes, you can decide on a colour that suits your surroundings. What began as one designer’s invention for his own home has evolved to become a precious kitchen commodity. Once a person experiences the convenience of a Galley Workstation, they can’t imagine ever having another kitchen without one.

The defining characteristic of the Workstation is its dual-tier design, allowing you to ergonomically chop, strain, and mix to prepare a meal before you transition to cooking nearby. Using various serving boards, quickly transform your prepare-and-cook station into a serving station, or set out drinks and hors d'oeuvres to create an ideal entertain station. Contain the mess within your Galley by cleaning as you prepare, cook, serve, and entertain. You can add a third tier to your Workstation using the Upper Deck modular cover system. Slide the individual, variably sized boards across the top counter to use as work or serving surfaces. Alternatively, combine all boards to cover the entire Workstation when it is not in use, or to protect outdoor Workstations from debris in the winter months. The Upper Deck comes in four distinct finishes: Exclusive Gray Resin, Designer White Resin, Natural Golden Bamboo, and Graphite Wood Composite.

Discover The Galley Workstation Range Below

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