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How Oliveri makes food preparation safer and easier

Oliveri products are not only beautiful to look at - but also superbly functional. In doing so, they deliver the performance and convenience that sets you up for more delicious results while enabling the proper hygiene to keep you and your loved ones safe and well.


A proudly Australian company since 1948, Oliveri are one of the leaders in the production of domestic sinks and taps. These wonderful products are backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control.


Amongst their range, you'll find a selection of "Santorini" Sinks. These beautifully sculptural pieces are highly durable and distinctive - a snapshot of European style and elegance for the Australian home.

Importantly, they are manufactured from a composite granite - composed of 80% granite and quartz particles, along with 20% acrylic. This substance is particularly tough and non-porous - which gives it a number of advantages.

Food Safety

Firstly, this substance is very durable and will resist scratching and breaking. Along with that, it's also stain resistant - dirt and stains easily removed by rinsing and a gentle wipe of the sink with detergent - and heat resistant up to 280°C!

Antibacterial Action

The other big advantage of these sinks is they are also extremely hygienic. That has obvious advantages for your food preparation.

Sinks are generally a major breeding ground of bacteria. Fortunately, the granite that comprises this kitchen is some of the most hygienic material to be found. That's because this material is not only extremely smooth and non-porous - it also has anti-bacterial properties: nano-particles of titanium dioxide have been added to the makeup of the sinks. This means it's able to remove bad smells and pollutant substances often found in the kitchen.

Vilo Taps

Meanwhile, Oliveri have embraced new standards of convenience with their Vilo tap selection - providing complementary functionality in the chef's preparation area.

Spray Function

For example, you can now choose a mixer with adjustable sprays - which make it easier to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables.

Pull out mixer

In addition, the pull out tap gives you extra reach and is particularly helpful when filling pots and vases.

There are also a range of accessories to complement and enhance the kitchen set-up.


Bamboo Boards

Oliveri bamboo boards fit into the bowl of the sink to create extra preparation space.


These fit into the bowl and are the perfect place to strain pasta or rinse vegetables.

Additional accessories:

Oliveri Foldamate's and Kitchensmate's fit over the sink drainer - thereby extending the work space. These surface protectors can also be used as a place to rest hot pots and pans, protecting your benchtop. You can also find bowl protectors and drainer baskets - providing extra room to drain dishes for your next roast dinner.


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