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Introducing Excellence by V-ZUG

True excellence is in the details.

It’s a design experience that turns complex technology into something that is intuitive to use. It’s sustainable manufacturing that turns high-quality materials into appliances that stand the test of time. It’s innovation that marries aesthetic perfection with flexible functionality.

This is how Excellence by V-ZUG inspires and exceeds expectations. We invite you to discover this innovative range of appliances at Winning Appliances and create a forever home that is made for excellence.

Interaction that feels intuitive

There’s complex technology behind every function. But with Excellence by V-ZUG, the way you interact with your appliances is simplified. The interface is remarkably intuitive, creating an experience that is refined to your needs.

The CirceSlider transforms the way you control your oven. Elegantly etched into the center of the glass display, this provides a tactile experience that responds with exceptional precision.

The TouchDisplay lets you effortlessly navigate the controls. Its large, high-resolution display is optimally designed for ease of reading, ensuring you’re always in control of your appliance.

The Auto Door is a unique feature that opens and closes the oven door automatically. This enables the automatic programs to truly shine. No need to open and close the door—let the appliance take control from start to finish.

Integration that is designed to perfection

Excellence by V-ZUG is meticulously designed to fit harmoniously into any interior. Crafted to perfection with materials of the highest quality, you’ll find excellence in every design detail.

The reflection on the Mirror Glass fronts synchronises with its surroundings. Whether your kitchen is enshrouded by the Australian bushland or commands panoramic views of the ocean, your appliances are always in tune with the environment.

Available in V-ZUG’s signature Black Mirror Glass or the new Platinum Mirror Glass, there’s a timeless aesthetic to suit any space.

The new range offers two oven door variations. You can opt for a door without handles, thanks to the unique Auto Door feature. This creates a smooth and sophisticated design that streamlines your space. There’s also a design handle option that features an ergonomic bar milled from a single piece of anodised aluminium, coordinated with the Mirror Glass colour of your choosing.

Personalisation that puts you at the centre

Excellence by V-ZUG can be personalised to suit your lifestyle and desires, while seamlessly integrating into your home.

The new operating system can be customised to meet your unique needs. You can adjust the sounds, backgrounds, and assistance functions, enabling you to operate the appliance in your own way.

Designed to match, you can customise your kitchen with a variety of options, so you have exactly what you need. Appliances available include the Combair Oven, CombiSteam, Warming Drawer, Vacuum Drawer, Coffee-Center, and WineCooler.

Speak to our Product Experts to learn more and discover Excellence by V-ZUG, exclusively available at Winning Appliances.

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