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Ultimate Smart Home Buying Guide - 2022

A smart home isn’t simply an amalgamation of different technological devices; it’s an avenue to increased efficiency, ease, and enjoyment. From removing the need to iron your laundry and creating restaurant-quality food in the kitchen with family and friends - technology is giving us our time back at home.

Take your cooking to the next level with real-time feedback from your phones and take the stress out of cooking with multi-functional program settings - discover the appliances taking over the world and your kitchen.


Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV

Art Mode on The Frame 4K TV helps transform your home into a gallery by displaying artworks in stunning QLED colour. The Frame uniquely transforms into a work of art when it is not used. Choose from the artworks already built in, add your own cherished memories, or access hundreds of artworks from world-renowned galleries and transform your home into your own personal gallery.

Motion Sensors Using motion sensor technology, The Frame automatically turns on to display your artwork when it senses you've entered the room. Leave the room, and it places itself on standby, helping you save energy. Simple and seamless Samsung Smart Connectivity delivers a simple yet powerful smart TV experience. Connect compatible devices or tap into your favourite games, apps, and services. Continue your current binge or explore what’s new and on now. It’s the best of everything, all from your home screen. It hangs beautifully on the wall, with virtually no gap The Frame includes the Slim Fit Wall-Mount accessory, which helps your TV hang beautifully on the wall, leaving minimal space between. Gorgeous from all angles, your TV can fit elegantly into your living room. The TV that adapts to its surrounds Your QLED TV knows how to help create a fantastic entertainment experience. Intelligent Mode uses a combination of smart sensors to fine-tune the audio, picture and brightness so that the action looks and sounds incredible. Add a customisable frame (sold separately) to suit your mood and decor, and minimise visible connections in your space with the One Clear Cable. Available in the following screen sizes: 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75” and 85”


VZUG Refresh Butler

VZUG’s RefreshButler takes excellent care of delicate fabrics. Operating with a closed air circuit - it is the only one of its kind in the world: a photocatalytically active coating interacts with light and steam to refresh fabrics with the gentlest of care, while the integrated heat pump ensures energy-saving operation. Highlights:

  • Neutralises unwanted odours in fabrics – without the need for chemicals

  • Removes 99.99% of all bacteria and germs

  • Dries up to 5 kg laundry gently without any physical movement

  • Appliances can be free-standing or integrated into a wardrobe

  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland

Refresh & Crease Guard The refresh programme neutralises odours such as those from cooking and cigarette smoke without the need for chemicals – Ideal for non-washable fabrics such as suits or high-quality blouses. Even used sports clothing, running shoes and towels can be refreshed in the RefreshButler. The additional crease guard function significantly reduces creases and wrinkles on the elbows, ankles or knees of your suits. This programme is not suitable for fabrics such as fur and leather. Hygiene The hygiene programme eliminates up to 99.99% of all germs and bacteria. The RefreshButler is ideal for sanitising a wide range of fabrics – with the exception of fur and leather. Drying Fabrics and shoes dry gently in the RefreshButler without any mechanical action, thanks to warm air. The sleek design of the RefreshButler integrates perfectly into modern homes thanks to the choice of outer door options in either elegant Nero or ChromeClass. The fully integrated version of the RefreshButler can disappear behind a cupboard door of your choice.


Technogym Cross Personal Cross Trainer

Technogym is a world-leading international supplier of technology and design-driven products and services in the Wellness and Fitness industry. Technogym provides a complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment alongside a digital user interface that inspires people to embrace exercise and make it a part of their daily lives so that they can achieve results in a fun and motivating way. The Personal Line is the result of research for a new iconic product family dedicated to Wellness in the home. It marks the beginning of a new approach to pursuing physical activity in all environments suited to wellness. The award-winning line of interior design equipment is made using refined materials and top-level craftsmanship, built for places where people live in total harmony with the Wellness Lifestyle. Taking inspiration from nature and science, the Personal line’s stylish designs are born from a collaboration between Technogym, with its three decades of research experience in developing fitness and wellness products, and world-renowned furniture designer and architect Antonio Citterio. RUN A revolutionary treadmill blending state-of-the-art technology with functional design. Highly innovative, it reveals close attention to the use of elegant and prestigious materials. BIKE The latest product from Technogym’s PERSONAL line is a professional bike equipped with the most innovative training programs and a design object that can ideally fit any interior style. CROSS This ideal training equipment suits everyone, from beginners to professional athletes. The elliptical movement is smooth and well-suited for burning calories, thanks to the combined movement of upper and lower limbs. RECLINE The recline exercise bike represents the perfect combination of premium design and functionality, receiving the 2012 “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award in its product category. A blend of ergonomics and design makes Recline Personal the ideal solution for the home environment and the office. POWER In the wake of the current high-performance workout and professional training trend, Technogym has created their latest addition to the collection with Power Personal, consisting of two chic elements: Bench Personal and Rack Personal. Bench Personal is the adjustable professional bench designed to carry out strengthening and toning exercises, characterised by a sophisticated design and top-class materials. Rack Personal is the free weight training machine that combines sturdiness, efficiency and a compact design allowing barbells and plates to be supported safely and in style thanks to the ingenious Smart Lock and Precision Glide systems. Like the other elements in the same collection, combine Power Personal with the Technogym App to have your own personal virtual trainer. KINESIS The start of “gentle gymnastics” - taking fitness and wellness at home into a new era. As a design object or simply a work of art, Kinesis Personal is an eloquent expression and original piece of design. Ideally suited to the home environment as well as office spaces, hotels or spas, Kinesis Personal offers 200 exercise possibilities in less than one square metre to move your body and mind. Designed to enable coordinated movements based on resistance techniques, the graceful, compact Kinesis Personal is specially conceived for strength, flexibility and balance training. Built into every piece of equipment, the Technogym Coach App provides motivation and guidance to help you train better and make the most of your workout. And with a variety of new content, accomplishing your goals has never been such fun.


Smeg Galileo Omnichef Collection

Smeg's Galileo multi-cooking technology results from extensive research, planning and testing. Drawing on Smeg’s manufacturing expertise and signature Italian design style, the company's passion for creating the best cooking appliances has led to the birth of the revolutionary new Dolce Stil Novo collection - Omnichef. Explore and expand your culinary boundaries with the power of up to seven cooking technologies in one appliance. By combining traditional, steam and microwave technology, you’ll stretch your culinary boundaries while saving up to 70% of time prepping, cooking and cleaning up. GROUND-BREAKING TECHNOLOGY Cook a whole 1.2kg roast chicken in just 30 minutes or perfect roast potatoes in only 35 minutes by combining Omnichef's three technologies; traditional, steam and microwave. Roasts will never be the same. CHEF'S RESULTS Using the Delta T function and the multipoint probe, you can ensure cooking uniformity between the core and the outside of the food for precise, flawless results. GAIN QUALITY TIME WITH SAMETIME By selecting one of the 10 'Sametime' preset recipes, the oven will automatically choose the best function, temperature and time to cook three dishes together - leaving you free to enjoy dinner with those who matter the most. SOUS VIDE FUNCTION WOW, your guests with impeccably cooked restaurant quality results. Eating healthy has never been so delicious. MORE SPACE FOR YOUR CREATIVITY Perfect for all-sized kitchens, with everything you need in one oven to help inspire culinary creativity and deliver outstanding results. Expand your skills with the Air Fry tray, BBQ plate and stone accessories. HEALTHIER AND TASTIER FOOD Don't count calories, count colours! Preserve nutrients, vitamins and minerals with gentle steam cooking for healthier food bursting with colour and flavour.


AEG Warming Drawer

Why let your perfectly cooked meals go cold? AEG has made your day-to-day cooking routine even simpler - taking preparation, serving and entertaining to a new level with the AEG warming drawer. SERVE MEALS HOT ON PRE-WARMED PLATES Serve at the temperature meals will best be appreciated on pre-warmed plates. The warming drawer's high-performance fan circulates the heat evenly, maintaining a consistent 80C, the ideal, safe plate-warming temperature, even for the fine china you use when entertaining. OPTION TO PRE-WARM CUPS AND GLASSES Warming cups, glasses and jugs at a cosy yet safe 40C will keep liquids such as hot drinks and sauces warmer when served. Cup warming is essential for barista-quality coffee at home. Coffee professionals recommend warm cups for freshly prepared coffee to retain its heat, aroma and crema for longer. THE IDEAL PLACE TO LET YOUR DOUGH RISE The warming drawer is the ideal environment for your dough to rise when baking bread. Now you can make homemade loaves with the perfect shape and scrumptious texture created by a professional baker. EASY ACCESS AND EXTRA STABLE The warming drawer glides open easily and safely for full interior access. Inside, dishes and plates remain stable on the anti-slip mat. IN PERFECT STYLE Thanks to its stylish design, the warming drawer seamlessly integrates with the rest of your kitchen and perfectly matches your AEG oven. KEY SPECIFICATIONS Depth (mm) 535 mm Height (mm) 140 mm Width (mm) 595 mm


Vintec Wine Cabinet

For Vintec, it’s all about the wine. As wine lovers, they know first-hand how important your wine collection is to you. This is why they have focused for over 20 years on creating the best wine storage solutions for wine lovers – to ensure you always enjoy your wine at its best. Here are the five pillars of wine storage for the everyday connoisseur. Pillar 1: Stable Temperature Vintec Wine Cabinets are specially designed to maintain a constant temperature to preserve your wines, keeping them at their best and allowing them to mature steadily.

  • Adaptive Variable Speed Compressor (VSC)*

  • Insulated side panels

  • Double / Triple-glazed doors

  • Dedicated CE Cellaring mode at 12 degrees Celsius*

Pillar 2: Humidity above 50% Vintec Wine Cabinets are specially designed with a self-regulating humidity feature and specially regulated air circulation to maintain high hygrometry levels (above 50%) to preserve corks and prevent wine from oxidising while cellaring. Pillar 3: UV-Proof Dark Storage Area Vintec Wine Cabinets are designed to prevent UV light from affecting your wine.

  • UV-resistant tinted and insulated glass doors

  • Dark interiors

  • Double / Triple-glazed doors

  • UV-free LED lighting

Pillar 4: Vibration-Proof Environment Vintec Wine Cabinets are specially designed to keep all moving parts in suspension, absorbing and reducing to a minimum any vibrations so that your wines are stored in a protected environment where they can mature steadily.

  • Low-vibration Variable Speed Compressor*

  • Vibration-absorbing sliding shelf rails

  • Vibration-absorbing oak wooden shelves

Pillar 5: Quality Airflow Vintec Wine Cabinets are equipped with an efficient air circulation system to ensure a constant, slow flow of filtered air throughout the cabinet to limit any odours from penetrating your wine and mould from growing and damaging labels and corks. *Premium range only


ZIP HydroTap

Home to the latest drinking water technology, ZIP’s under-bench system houses the key components to instantly deliver boiling, chilled and sparkling water. Embodying functionality, the HydroTap is ideal for those who want appliances that save time, reduce energy, are straightforward to use, simple to maintain and make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier. There is a HydroTap to suit every kitchen; it’s available in an array of designs and finishes to match your current kitchen design or make a statement piece for your upcoming renovation. THE SUSTAINABLE CHOICE

  • It eliminates the need for bottled water reducing your environmental impact.

  • Eliminates the need for kettles for highly efficient instant boiling water delivery

  • World-class environmental credentials providing transparent product life cycle impact

  • Intelligent energy-saving modes that power down the unit when not in use

  • Utilises air-cooled technology, making the HydroTap 100% water efficient


Magimix 5200XL Food Processor

The Magimix 5200XL Food Processor is multifunctional with a 7-in-1 solution: it slices, grates, chops, whisks, blends, kneads & presses. Designed for large families and entertaining, this food processor is an invaluable addition to any kitchen. All food processors are still manufactured in Magimix’s original factory in Burgundy, France. Why is the Magimix food processor the best food processor? VERSATILITY With one appliance, you can do many things that other food processors can’t. This includes crushing ice, making smoothies and blending soups. Other functions include chopping, slicing, grating, mixing, kneading, beating egg whites and more. SUPERIOR BLADES Magimix food processors use Sabatier stainless steel blades which cut with surgical precision, preventing your food from tearing or bruising. This helps it to last longer and stay fresh for later use. You can see the difference in how your fruit and vegetables are processed. AUTOMATIC SPEED Unlike others, Magimix food processors do not come with speed options. This is because the motor is designed to detect what is in the bowl and adjust accordingly, ensuring a better result and protecting the motor in the long run. EASY TO CLEAN Magimix food processors are designed to have smooth surfaces, including flat buttons. This enables you to clean the machine easily, without food collecting in pockets and sections. IT’S QUIET Magimix’s food processors have the Quiet Mark, which means that you won’t have to wake your entire household every time you’re using it.

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