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Based in Zug, Switzerland, V-ZUG has been crafting innovative home appliances for over 100 years. Having joined the ranks of other prestigious Swiss-made products, such as precision watches and world-renowned chocolate, V-ZUG appliances make everyday life easier through superior products for the kitchen and laundry room.

Exemplifying premium Swiss quality throughout their selection of products, V-ZUG employs cutting-edge manufacturing technology and ultra-high precision as cornerstones of their craft. With a desire to inspire, V-ZUG creates solutions for a sustainable world.

With over 100 years of inimitable innovation and refinement informing their every move, V-ZUG has exclusively partnered with the Winning Group to bring a touch of Swiss precision into the heart of your home.

Sustainable Swiss Solutions

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in V-ZUG’s vision, a tenet serving as the common denominator for all the brand’s values. V-ZUG is committed to creating a future that works and can be enjoyed by generations to come. Driving both quality and innovation, V-ZUG’s dedication to sustainable practices spurs the design and development of the most resource-efficient appliances without compromise of the end result.

Combi-Steam Cookers

Bringing the nuances out of your food with the gentle cooking of steam, a V-ZUG Combi-Steam Cooker will help you craft flavoursome culinary creations. Locking in vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and the natural flavours of your ingredients, a Combi-Steam brings the best out of all your food.

A superb choice for professional culinarians and home cooks, the Combi-Steam Cooker features an assortment of handy modes designed for simple use. Subvert complexity with simplicity using the Gourmet Guide, carrying out intricate cooking processes at the touch of a button.

Complement a Combi-Steam Cooker with a V-ZUG Vacuum Drawer for incredible, healthy sous vide cooking.

Refresh Butler

Treat your clothing with care and esteem using the V-ZUG Refresh Butler. Using the power of steam, your clothing is gently dried and refreshed, removing creases, neutralising odours, and eliminating bacteria.

Able to seamlessly integrate into your cupboard or grace your home as a freestanding model, the Refresh Butler marries a sophisticated design with an innovative, multifaceted function.

Coffee Centres

With as many subtleties as varieties, the humble cup of coffee is a deeply personal ritual, whether you prefer the velvety milk foam of a cappuccino or a simple, strong shot of espresso.

For the coffee aficionado, V-ZUG has created the Coffee-Centre, bringing together sophisticated design, an internal grinding mechanism, and a milk frother, to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Designed to work harmoniously with you and to satisfy your tastes, a V-ZUG Coffee-Centre features five pre-set coffee strengths, five cup sizes, and three foam densities.

Full Flex Induction Cooktops

Power, grace, and adaptability merge to manifest the innovative Full Flex Induction Cooktop, driven by 48 separate inductors under the ceramic glass surface.

Freeing you from culinary constraints, the Full Flex Induction Cooktop eliminates the need for specific cooking zones. Automatically detecting the size and position of your cookware, the Full Flex works with you to craft meals that excite and delight.

Be Inspired

If you would like to see any of these cooking appliances in action, we regularly host free in-store cooking demonstrations, presented by our talented Winning Appliances Culinary Experts. Reserve your place in our in-store demonstrations here.

V-ZUG creates elegant solutions to simplify life in the home and to inspire your inner culinary artist. Let the inspiration blossom with some superb recipe ideas courtesy of V-ZUG - Spicy Ginger Prawns, Crispy Skinned Salmon, Candied Beetroot Salad, and the Galette Des Rois.


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