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Five Tips from Provincial Kitchens Home

Craftsmanship is an integral part of any design. Dominique McAdams of Provincial Kitchens Home gives you her inspiring top five tips to consider when designing your kitchen & laundry.


1. Long term goals

If it's your forever home, ensure you pick quality products that stand the test of time. Building carpentry out of timber, will allow you to refresh the kitchen or laundry in 10 years’ time with a refreshed coat of paint, rather than replacing.

Kitchens are high wear and tear areas, ensuring you use full timber interiors with dove joins and good quality fittings and runners, which will not break down over time.

2. Craftsmanship

Good craftsmanship is building with quality materials, This is why I opt to build with solid timber, which is hand-painted, giving great longevity.

How the internal carcass is created, solid sides, back and top screwed together. Sound carpentry, to stand the weight of stone benchtops.

Using natural stone feels amazing.

3. Clever design

Kitchens are high traffic areas and take a beating, either from children, high use of water causing damage. Position the fridge at the end of the kitchen run. I call them “hit & runs”, kids can come and go and get what they want without entering the kitchen area and creating a constant impact on the cabinetry.

4. Cohesiveness

More and more, people want to ensure the design of the whole house compliments the kitchen & laundry, making sure they flow as one.

Cleaver designs to incorporate butlers pantries or shared laundry & pantries.

Building a mud or sand room, a space adjustment to the kitchen for multi-use. Raised area to wash their pets, take their shoes off, remove and store towels from the beach.

5. Dom’s top 5 appliance picks

SubZero fridges, they are definitely the sexiest fridges in the world. I also can’t live without my zip tap with sparkling water. Combi-steam ovens are definitely on my radar, they deliver commercial results in a domestic appliance.

Pure design and functionality have led me to discover The Galley sinks, the perfect work stations for all budding master chefs and for the outdoor BBQ connoisseur, you can’t go past a Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet.

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