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Presenting outstanding V-ZUG Dishwashing Technology!

At Winning Appliances, we take a responsibility to conserving the Earth's resources seriously - which is why it pleases us to know that a dishwasher consumes much less energy and water than when you wash up by hand.

And this is particularly true of V-ZUG dishwashers – thanks to outstanding innovation which actually puts them ahead of the pack.

Quality also means saving energy

While washing up by hand uses around 40 litres of water, a V-ZUG Adora SL uses just 5 litres in its automatic programme. If the dishwasher is connected to a warm water supply, you can also set up a special function, which allows the Adora SL to consume as much as 90% less energy.

Convenient ergoPlus cutlery drawer

V-ZUG's newly developed drawer provides an ergonomic solution for stacking cutlery. You can also stack your cutlery in a structured manner so that they don't touch one another. This makes sure that your cutlery is clean all over without any scratch marks.

“Plus” stands for 14 standard place settings, the optimum quantity for use with the large-capacity dishwasher. Other advantages of the new tray design are the height-adjustable side elements on each side, and an extra rack element that can be clipped into place to take long-stemmed glasses.

Interior LED lighting

Four LED lights inside the dishwasher make it that bit easier to load and empty the dishwasher - particularly at night.

Automatic door-opener

The door-opener automatically opens the door about 100mm at the end of the rinse cycle. This shortens the drying phase, especially for plastic containers. In addition, the door-opener saves valuable energy, and because it is automatic, it also works when the dishwasher is run at night.

World exclusive – dishwasher with heat pump technology

The V-ZUG Adora SL WP dishwasher (only available in the 60 line) is also equipped with a heat pump - a manufacturing first - which cuts energy consumption by almost 50% when compared to conventional dishwashers. In the Eco programme, the water is heated exclusively by the heat pump, requiring the least amount of energy. Depending on which programme is selected, a second source of heat is activated to achieve a consistent temperature. The heat emitted by the dishwasher is collected by a latent heat storage device – for an evenly balanced flow of heat in your kitchen.

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