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The Galley Workstation: A New Category of Culinary Appliance

The Kitchen Workstation

The Galley represents a whole new category of kitchen appliance—a complete culinary system where one can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and clean all in one central and convenient place. The kitchen is even more functional and ergonomic with a cooktop next to the Workstation. This new kitchen work line concept is much more efficient than the traditional work triangle. Kitchens that feature a Galley Workstation invite more rewarding interaction. Conversations flow more freely, and every stage of meal preparation is a collaborative act. Many hands make light work, and most problems can be solved by working smarter, not harder.

Winning Appliances is proud to be the exclusive retailer and distributor of all products bearing the Galley name in Australia.

The Galley Workstation

So what sets this kitchen all-rounder apart? It begins with quality construction. Every Workstation is handcrafted in the USA, fabricated from one piece of 316L 16-gauge stainless steel. With seven standard lengths available, you can install a large Workstation as the centrepiece of your kitchen island to prepare, cook, serve, and entertain, and a WashStation nearby to keep the clean-up process easy and efficient.

The defining characteristic of the Workstation is its dual-tier design, allowing you to ergonomically chop, strain, and mix to prepare a meal before you transition to cooking nearby. Using various serving boards, quickly transform your prepare-and-cook station into a serving station, or set out drinks and hors d'oeuvres to create an ideal entertain station. Contain the mess within your Galley by cleaning as you prepare, cook, serve, and entertain. You can add a third tier to your Workstation using the Upper Deck modular cover system. Slide the individual, variably sized boards across the top counter to use as work or serving surfaces. Alternatively, combine all boards to cover the entire Workstation when it is not in use, or to protect outdoor Workstations from debris in the winter months. The Upper Deck comes in four distinct finishes: Exclusive Gray Resin, Designer White Resin, Natural Golden Bamboo, and Graphite Wood Composite.

To get the most out of the Workstation, line it up with your cooktop to make the transition from prep to pan as seamless as possible. Additionally, Galley Workstations are designed to accommodate a standard oven tray, so you can prepare ingredients within the Workstation before popping the tray into your oven behind you. If you’re partial to open-air entertaining, Galley Workstations are excellent additions to outdoor living spaces. Contain ice and garnishes for cocktails in the summer, or use the Galley as a serve station for all your barbecued delights.

In addition to the six standard Single Bowl Workstations models and four Double Bowl Workstation models, The Galley offers four Work&WashStations models, five WashStation models, and two Barstation models. The Galley also offers two standard Workstation and WashStation models with a 30cm or 46cm DryDock. Every Galley is crafted with a custom Angel Finish that as developed to soften the traditional high-sheen finish of stainless steel. This surface resists water spots and obscures minor grazes. If you do scratch the bottom of your Galley, the Angel Finish is completely restorable with the assistance of a trained professional.

The Galley Tap

As Galley Workstations became more popular, the company was inundated with questions from Galley owners who were looking for a matching tap. While there were several preferred taps, there was nothing that could form a perfect pair. The Galley enlisted the help of designer and Partner of The Galley, David Kotowsky, to create a tap that would complement the grandeur of Galley Workstations.

The Galley Tap is fashioned from solid AISI 316L stainless steel, and a major point of difference is that it’s machined rather than cast. The Tap is available in six stunning stainless steel finishes, four of which are coated using a process called Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), harder and more corrosion-resistant than any other coating method. The ComfortFeel™ lever handle moves with ergonomic ease, and a generous 27-inch hand spray extension will allow you to fill a pot on your nearby cooktop.

The Galley Tap stainless steel finishes: Matte, Polished, PVD Gun Metal Gray™, PVD Satin Black, PVD Brushed Gold, and PVD Rose Gold.

The Galley Dresser

The supreme functionality of Galley Workstations has never been disputed, but the company sensed an opportunity to combine this functionality with beautiful, world-class craftsmanship. The Galley sought out renowned kitchen interior and fine furniture designer, Doug Durbin, to create the ultimate piece of culinary furniture. Durbin and his team conceived of The Dresser as the ultimate marriage of art, function, and fine kitchen furniture.

Available in models and thirteen high-gloss exterior finishes including twelve painted and one exotic wood finish, The Galley Dresser is handcrafted fine culinary furniture. Built to be a statement piece, The Galley Dresser seamlessly integrates the Galley Workstation and its Culinary Tools for preparing, cooking, serving, entertaining, and cleaning. The interior is crafted from ebonised walnut and the solid brass hardware is available in nine beautiful custom finishes.

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