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The Grigio Lusso Serie by ILVE

ILVE’s Grigio Lusso Series is where luxury meets passion. Translating as ‘grey luxury’, together with gorgeous lines and sleek designs, the tone of grey used throughout this range exudes sophistication and warmth. Ideally suited for the modern kitchen, behind the Grigio Lusso aesthetic, each kitchen appliance is integrated with ILVE’s state-of-the-art cooking technologies.

Inspired by the latest design trends from Italy, the Grigio Lusso range is for anyone passionate about getting the most out of their kitchen experience - where style and function blend perfectly.

Grigio Lusso Built-in Ovens

The Grigio Lusso Series includes models of class-leading built-in ovens including sizes from 60cm through to 76cm and 90cm. These include pyrolytic models for effortless cleaning, combination steam for delectable steam cooking, and convenient microwave oven options.

Grigio Lusso Gas Cooktops

ILVE’s gas cooktops incorporate the Grigio Lusso aesthetic by utilising gorgeous grey glass finishes, an updated version of ILVE’s iconic brass burners, and statement-making matte black control knobs. Models range from 60cm up to a spacious 90cm model with five burners including a powerful wok burner.

Grigio Lusso Freestanding Cooker

The 90cm pro-line freestanding cooker achieves a beautiful facelift via the use of Grigio Lusso tones. Further complementing the new look is a dramatic matte black surface, updated brass cooktop burners, and custom designed trivets. Expanding the versatility of your cooking, 10 multi-function oven modes make it easy to perform a wide range of tasks.

Grigio Lusso Rangehood To completely satisfy your passion for the grey tones of Grigio Lusso, there’s the island rangehood boasting a stylish cylinder design. Ideal for your island worktops, the stainless steel finish enamelled in matte grey is a beautifully designed focal point for your kitchen. Efficient LED lighting within the rangehood brilliantly illuminates your cooktop. Shop the Grigio Lusso Serie by ILVE here!

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